Spotify Podcast Ads Surge 40% Globally as Time with Video Content Doubles

Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped report revealed major increases in podcast ads (40%) and video content (48% YoY) driven by Gen Zs, with Multi-format advertising (Video Takeover, Sponsored Sessions and Audio Ads) successful. Listening patterns of Gen Zs and Millennials fluidly changed (+1338% and +357%, respectively), with wellness playlists and podcasts increasing (+492%) amongst Millennials and 45+ demographic experiencing growth.

At Netflix, a Few Hits Subsidize Many Misses

Netflix produces more original content than other streaming services, leading to varied show demand. Famous shows have higher demand, but most originals don’t do well. Facing competition and cuts, Netflix is investing in content that succeeds and bolstering its library.

MPEG News: a Report From the 144th Meeting

MPEG is requesting responses and bit streams for possible inclusion of learning-based video codecs into the dataset, and has advanced 3 new standards. ISOBMFF, energy-efficient consumption and PPC temporal scalability are open topics for research, with the CVQM dataset available.


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Dynamic Pricing on Sports OTT: Maximizing Revenue through Personalization and Effective Monetization Strategies

Sports organizations can maximize profits and better engage with fans by using dynamic pricing in their OTT platforms. This includes tailoring prices to user engagement, demand, and loyalty, as well as tiered subscriptions, in-app purchases, pay-per-view, and advertising partnerships. Win-win solutions benefit both the organization and the fan.



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Paramount Advertising Chief John Halley Says Current Mix of Streaming, Linear and Digital is “A Big Mess” for Buyers And…

Halley and other executives discussed the big mess of free and subscriber streaming, digital inventory, and linear TV, during Paramount's TV Now conference. Despite tumultuous changes in consumer habits and the business landscape, they maintained optimism that these issues can be resolved. Halley emphasized the inefficiency of targeting people with linear and digital platforms separately.



Roku Unveils New Discovery and Personalisation Features

Roku announced new tools to help customers in the UK discover and personalise content on Roku-branded TVs. Features like What to Watch, Continue Watching and Save List will be rolled out in response to 20% higher revenues and 100bn streaming hours globally.



Need to Know: How Are TV Audiences Measured

TV advertisers are transitioning to impressions, such as C3 and C7, for more granular measurement and individual-level tracking. Data like watermarking, fingerprinting, ratings, people meters, and co-viewing can capture data for media buyers to make decisions.